On August 12, 2020 the Town Board of the Town of Hammond passed an Amended  Bond Resolution authorizing the issuance of Serial Bonds or a Statutory Installment Bond not exceeding $1,400,000 to be used for the site preparation and construction of a new Municipal Building.  The period of probable usefulness for such estimated cost pursuant to Local Finance Law Section 11.00(a)(11)(b)(1) is twenty five (25) years.  A full text of the resolution is available for inspection at the Town of Hammond Offices, 17 Main Street, Hammond, New York, during normal business hours. 

  1. Said Amended Bond Resolution was adopted subject to a permissive referendum. 
  • Within ten (10) days after the adoption of the aforesaid Resolution the undersigned did, in the same manner as provided for a notice of special election, post and publish a notice setting forth the date of the adoption of the aforesaid Resolution together with the full text of the Resolution and that said Resolution was adopted subject to a permissive referendum. 
  • More than thirty (30) days have elapsed since the adoption of the said Resolution and no petition protesting against said Resolution and requesting that it be submitted to the owners of taxable real property situate in the proposed Town for their approval or disapproval has been filed with the undersigned as Town Clerk. 

            The validity of the obligations authorized by such resolution may be hereafter contested only if such obligations were authorized for an object or purpose for which the Town of Hammond is not authorized to expend money or if the provisions of law, which should have been complied with as of the date of publication of this notice were not substantially complied with, and an action, suit, or proceeding contesting such validity is commenced within twenty days of the date of publication of this notice, or such obligations were authorized in violation of the provisions of the Constitution.

Dated:  September 14, 2020

Pamela Burton, Town Clerk