Dog Control Officer


Phone: 315-276-6805 or 315-771-8103

Some of the Duties of the Town of Hammond Dog Control Officer:
-  Seizes and impound stray and dangerous dogs using animal capture equipment;
-  Handles the euthanasia of unclaimed and dangerous dogs in accordance with the provisions of law and Town agreement
-  Receives and answers complaints from the public regarding dog nuisances;
-  Issues appearance summons and participates in court proceedings including the preparation of reports and providing information,
testimony and evidence;

-  Enforces quarantine laws and orders applicable to dogs;
-  Attempts to locate owners of seized dogs;
-  Investigates reports of cruelty to animals;
-  Reports sick or injured animals to veterinarian for corrective action;
-  Renders emergency treatment, when necessary;
-  Supervises the operations of the animal shelter;
-  Feeds, waters and cares for impounded animals, is responsible for shelter services;
-  Maintains records of work performed including a record of all animals impounded, redeemed to owners, adopted or otherwise disposed

-  Institutes court actions for violations of laws and regulations pertaining to dogs;
-  Responsible for the cleanliness of the Animal Shelter;
-  Works with the State Department of Ag and Markets to meet compliance standards;

The Town of Hammond designated, licensed and approved Animal Shelter is Moyers Pound in Gouverneur, NY.